Dr. Alexander Graypel

Dr. Alexander Graypel

Alexander E. Graypel, MD

Dr. Alexander Graypel attended the University of Missouri Kansas City’s School of Medicine, where he experienced firsthand the life-changing importance of quality mental health care. As a medical student caring in various settings for the predominantly poor community in the city hospital, Alex couldn’t help but notice the unaddressed mental health needs of a significant number of the patients he encountered, regardless of their socioeconomic status. This understanding, coupled with his patient communication skills and sincere desire to better his patients’ lives, made Alex want to further develop his psychiatric expertise.

After medical school,”Dr. Alex” completed a specialized psychiatry residency training at Saint Louis University’s Department of Neurology and Psychiatry. There, his infectious passion for the work he did and the opportunity to teach won him the honors of being awarded both “Resident of the Year” and “Best Teaching Resident of the Year” awards by the faculty and his peers. Having a strong interest in geriatric psychiatry, Dr. Graypel further extended his training at SLU to become an expert in this field, completing a fellowship in geriatric psychiatry.

After training, Dr. Alex Graypel was in a private practice, caring for hundreds of patients at over 30 nursing home facilities in the St. Louis and surrounding areas, and had a limited outpatient practice. Recently, he joined efforts with his father, Dr. Ernest A. Graypel, and became a part of Community and Long Term Care Psychiatry, LLC. Dr. Alex Graypel carries the main, day-to-day patient load of the company’s long-term care practice. He also works in the outpatient setting, treating patients with mental illnesses and cognitive impairments, and is certified to perform transcranial magnetic stimulation.

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