Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services

The staff of the Community and Long-Term Care Psychiatry, L.L.C. provides in-hospital and outpatient care for their patients. We specialize in treatment of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and cognitive disorders, however have very strong background in treatment any other psychiatric and psychological illnesses.

We have medical staff privileges at Mercy, SSM, Kindred, Select Specialty Hospital, and BJC systems of greater St. Louis area, and provide psychiatry consulting services at various hospitals of these systems. In the hospitals we provide medication management and supportive therapy to hospitalized patients and support and education to the hospitals’ staff.  At our outpatient offices we provide medication management, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, and also (at our main location) a treatment with Esketamine. Additionally, we provide tele-psychiatric services for the patients who live in rural areas, or those who for any reason are unable to come to an in-person appointment with our providers.

Long-term care psychiatry is also a big part of our outpatient practice. We provide medication and behavioral management for the residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities, counseling to their family members, and education to the facilities’ staff.  Our staff members have admitting privileges at Hyland Behavioral Center of Mercy South hospital.

Sometimes, medications alone can make a dramatic difference in the treatment of mood, anxiety, psychosis, or cognitive disorders. However we believe in a complex treatment and always consider other treatment modalities (psychotherapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, management of co-morbid chronic pain, etc.) that may potentate the effects of medications and allow us to achieve the desired effect quicker and with much lesser dose of the medications we have to prescribe to our patients. Believing that correct diagnosis is the main criterion of success in treatment, we always begin with a thorough evaluation of a new patient, and then present our findings and a proposed plan of care to them (or their guardians, if applicable). If we have to use more than one medication to achieve the desired clinical effect, we always use the medications with different mechanisms of actions and aim to use those with synergistic properties which allow us to use lower doses of the individual drug.

Many of medications we prescribe can cause harmless, but annoying, side effects (dry-mouth, constipation, stomach upset, diarrhea, or a mild headache), which often subside after a few weeks. Regularly scheduled follow-up visits allow us to monitor the progress of treatment of our patients and give patients the opportunity to discuss with the provider if there any side effects present and/or are concerning to them.

Referral services:

Community and Long-Term Care Psychiatry, L.L.C. maintains a roster of licensed and qualified psychologists and psychotherapists who will provide psychological testing, or an individual or family therapy, for those individuals who may be benefited only from these services. Please contact our office staff at 314-525-5050, option 3 to discuss your needs with them.

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