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Long Term Psychiatric Care

The natural aging process, as well as illness, sometimes produce significant cognitive decline for seniors. This decline can lead to problematic behaviors which may pose a threat to the seniors themselves, or to other members of the community where they reside. At Community and Long-Term Care Psychiatry, LLC, we recognize this medical need, and also recognize that residents in long-term care settings often face complex social and emotional problems. Additionally, we understand that those residents’ families and direct care staff are also confronted with these challenges. In response to this complex need, our practice has developed a model of psychiatric consultation and multifaceted intervention services, which include psychotropic medication management, counseling services for patients/long term care residents and their families, and a training program for caregivers and staff.

Our clinical team provides assessment and ongoing services for the residents according to their unique needs, including medication management and supportive therapies. We assess and reduce polypharmacy issues, monitor and coordinate compliance with CMS guidelines for the required psychotropic dosage reduction schedules, perform Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scales (AIMS) for residents on antipsychotic medications, and provide individualized, patient-specific, behavioral recommendations to the facility’s staff when these interventions are more appropriate than medications, or when behavioral management is a necessary part of a complex treatment program for a given resident.

Should a facility request an additional training support, we are able to provide a variety of educational (in-service) programs for their staff or participate in routine educational opportunities to help support the work of other clinicians assigned to that facility. A wide range of topics are available from the training programs we have put together including “Dealing with Difficult Behaviors”, “An Overview of Various Types of Dementias”, “Understanding Psychiatric Medications,” “Anxiety in the Elderly,” “Depression in the Elderly,” and many others to suit facility-specific needs. Our educational programs are provided at no cost to long term care facilities, as our goal is to help them ensure a high-quality work environment for all of the staff, regardless of their specific roles in resident care.

For more information regarding our training programs, or for an individualized assessment of a resident with complex needs, contact our office at 314-525-5050, or fill out and fax to our office the downloadable form below. Our providers are highly qualified to evaluate and treat geriatric psychosocial issues and understand well the operational aspects of providing effective and compassionate long-term care.

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